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For kids

For children

A merry-go-round offers lots fun for children, it can be put in motion with their own feet. Every kid who wants to may find here outlet for their energy and use it to make the merry-go-round shine with different colours.

On the ground floor, opposite Auchan, there is an interactive playground for children: iFoot Kids, for the youngest lovers of fun. This is a new interactive attraction, consisting of an interactive floor that responds to the movements and touch of the user and a multi-touch table - pad. Those two elements combined form a modern children's entertainment room. There are more than 30 different educational and funny animations for the children to choose from, including a game of football or an interactive piano, some quizzes and colouring books. Just on the side there are poufs and resting places for the parents who can watch over their children playing.

There is something for everybody in our mall - the parents may go shopping, while their children, who are never tired of playing, can go to the Kinderplanet, the world of fun on 450 square metres, where they can, under the supervision of professional sitters, explore the underwater world, take the helm of a ship, fire pneumatic cannons or jump on a trampoline. There are also many interactive games waiting for children, pools with colourful balls, slides, playhouses, and lots of other attractions. Kinderplaneta is located on the first floor, next to the food court area.

There is a place specially designated for the customers with children in our wide and spacious restaurant area: Eat&Play. It’s an area arranged in such a way that parents can eat their meal in peace, keeping their eyes on their playful kids, as they are seated around the playground site.

We would like to invite our youngest guests, who are never tired of playing, to Creative Planet (Kreatywna Planeta), the world of fun where the kids can find interactive games, building blocks, slides, playhouses and many other attractions. There are also board games for those a bit older - we have more than several dozens of favourite, fashionable and also timeless classic games. Kreatywna Planeta is located on the first floor, next to the food court area.