Openning hours: Shopping Mall 9:00 - 21:00, Auchan Hipermarket 7:30 - 23:00

Facilities for the customers

  • A photo booth

    A facility that allows you to take a photo of yourself. It is a great attraction, super fun and a souvenir opportunity.

  • A piano

    Can you play the piano? Our piano is waiting just for you! You can find it on the 1st floor, next to the food court. Your performance will make the time spent at the mall more enjoyable for our customers.

  • Academy at Bronowice

    “Academy at Bronowice”, working under the auspices of Kraków Academy of Fine Arts, is a place where you can see exhibitions of the works of the professors and students of the Academy, installations and unique pieces of designer furniture.

  • AED Automated external defibrillator

    A device that is used in cases of cardiac arrest.

  • Basketball court, table tennis table

    All sport enthusiasts are welcome. The balls can be rented at InfoPunkt.

  • Bicycle service and parking station

    Self-service bike repair stations. They are equipped with a screwdriver, a hex key set, a spanner, adjustable spanner, a bike hand, a pump and tongs.

  • Board Games rental shop

    The rental shop and the tables you can sit at and play a little game are located at Joker store.

  • Car park

    For those getting here by car, there are 2,400 free parking spaces.

  • Car park for families with children and for pregnant ladies

    There are special designated parking areas for families with children.

  • Cash machines (ATMs) / cash deposit stations

    Safe and comfortable way to retrieve and deposit money.

  • Chess

    Come and sit at our chess tables, there are also two large chess boards where you can play with almost half a metre-tall pieces.

  • Citizen Service Point

    Four officials, the representatives of the Department of Administrative Affairs and the Department for Registration and Licensing of Vehicles and Drivers, are available from Monday to Saturday, between 10 am and 6 pm.

  • Copy shop

    Available in the co-working area.

  • Coworking space

    We offer a free, quiet working space, equipped with basic tools.

  • Currency exchange centre

    Currency exchange and the purchase and sale of collectible coins, both gold and silver ones.

  • Dog parking station

    The area where you can leave your pets for free with a bowl of water and tie them with your own.

  • Eat&Play

    It’s an area arranged in such a way that parents can eat their meal in peace, keeping their eyes on their playful kids, as they are seated around the playground site.

  • Family rooms

    Parents and guardians with children are welcome to use our comfortable family rooms where they can change their babies’ diapers and feed them without haste and stress and in a nice atmosphere.

  • Fitness club and gym

    Fitness Platinium - covering the area of 1060 square metres, boats its own cardio zone, gym, free weight area, women zone and a really large fitness room.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi is available for our customers everywhere in the shopping mall and in the car park area.

  • Hairdresser

    Everything that a modern woman expects from a visit to a stylist can be found at Jean Louis David and Beauty Point Fast Hair&Makeup salons.

  • Information centre

    It is a place where you find all information about Galeria Bronowice shopping mall and use additional services.

  • Interactive floor and multimedia tables

    The zone equipped with a few dozen games and applications is an offer for both kids and adults. The devices can be used for free within the opening hours of the mall.

  • Interactive kiosks

    There are several interactive kiosks at the mall that will help you find all necessary information and call up the route to the store of your choice.

  • KreatywnaPlaneta

    KreatywnaPlaneta (Creative Planet) is a world of fun where the kids can find interactive games, building blocks, slides, playhouses and many other attractions.

  • Lift and escalators

    You can get around the mall easily using the lift and escalators.

  • Lockers for the customers

    Key-locked deposit lockers where you can comfortably leave all the unnecessary luggage or overcoats while you do your shopping.

  • Maseczkomat

    Maseczkomat (Mask vending machine) is a way to quickly and safely purchase the necessary hygiene products. The machine offers masks, gloves and hand gels.

  • Mikro Cinema

    This mini 30-seat studio cinema offers a quality repertoire: independent cinema, European, artistic films that have gained critical acclaim at festivals, and also regular cartoon showsfor children.

  • Outdoor playground for children and creative activities area

    All the children under 12 are welcome to come and enjoy freely and safely our facilities prepared specially for them. Swings, slides, spring riders and other toys.

  • Post Office - Poczta Polska (Polish Post)

    Provides basic postal services (letters and parcels), banking and insurance services as well as logistics services.

  • Post office box

    The InPost parcel locker is a system of post office boxes for collecting and sending parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - conveniently, on the way, at any time convenient for you.

  • Public transport bus service

    Galeria Bronowice can be accessed by the following buses: 114, 168, 172, 173, 210, 230, 501, 572 as well as with a free bus service. It is going to make it a lot easier to get to the mall for all of those who do not have their own cars.

  • Reading room

    First in Kraków reading room in a shopping mall. This sheltered area, located on the mezzanine on the 1st floor, is open to all literature lovers.

  • Relax zone

    Equipped with gigantic pillows, where all those tired with shopping can take a break for a while and have a rest - reclining on a soft pouf.

  • Shoe cleaning

    Self-service shoe cleaning machine.

  • Shopping carts for children

    Our customers can rent a special cart for children that will make their family shopping easier.

  • Skatepark

    The skatepark is equipped with the following features: banks and mini quarters, grind boxes, quarter pipes and rails and is available for the enthusiasts of rollerblading, skateboarding, and BMX riders.

  • Special seats for children

    Available in the bathrooms. Specially designed to ensure the safety of children while their guardians are using the toilet.

  • Super hero zone

    It is a modern space where you can present the offer of public benefit organization free of charge.

  • Taxi

    Barbakan TAXI rank (phone number 12 196 61) is located next to the main entrance and the bus stop on Stawowa street.

  • Video Games

    Area with TV sets, Xbox and PlayStation game consoles. You can play there the latest games involving physical activity - car races, sport and dancing games.

  • Wheelchair rental

    This service is dedicated to people with motor disability. You can book a wheelchair in advance at Info Centre, by phone or via email.