Galeria Bronowice's gift card

Galeria Bronowice's gift card


What is a gift card?

A gift card issued by Galeria Bronowice is a fantastic and elegant gift idea, which allows the recipients to choose whatever they would really like! Give it to your loved ones on the occasion of Christmas, for their birthdays or to celebrate any special day of your choice. It is also a perfect gift for your colleagues or clients.

How does it work?

The card is a type of electronic card, just like MasterCard prepaid card, which can be used to pay in a safe and convenient at all the shops located at Galeria Bronowice that accept MasterCard. The card is disposable and cannot be reloaded with additional funds, and can be used for purchases until you have spent all the money on it or until the card expires (12 months since the day it was bought on).

How can I buy it?

The gift card can be purchased at the information centre at Galeria Bronowice and can be loaded with any amount of money in the range between PLN 30 and PLN 4000. You can also buy it at Galeria Bronowice’s website by clicking the link given and load it with any amount of money from PLN 50 to PLN 1000, making a payment with a pay card or a bank transfer. You only pay the amount of money that you want to load the card with. There are no additional charges. The card becomes activated within 15 minutes from the moment of its purchase.

How can you check your card balance?

Your card balance can be checked in a few ways:
- on Galeria Bronowice’s website
- on the website
- at the information centre of Galeria Bronowice
- by calling the customer service office at +48 22 490 6923
- by scanning the QR code on the back of the card with a smartphone