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Information about Ceetrus

Ceetrus, the company administrating almost 400 shopping malls in 12 countries in Europe and Asia is currently one of the leading companies on the European market of real estates developers specializing in large shopping malls.

Over the course of last 40 years Ceetrus has been engaged in the development and management of commercial real estates - starting from investment projects, through design, marketing and the promotional campaigns of shopping malls, to dynamic assets management. All the stages of the projects that Ceetrus is involved in are completed in accordance with well-established qualities that result from the history of the company and the experience of its employees.

Establishing the relationships with the lessees constitutes a critical factor in the business success of  Ceetrus shopping malls.

All Ceetrus investments are commercially attractive, with strategic locations, original concepts and leading brands that offer products of the highest quality.

Ceetrus is concerned to maintain honest relationships based on the exchange of knowledge among all the partners, lessees and business partners. It offers them continuous support and guidance with respect to providing sustainable development in the context of quickly changing market trends and consumer behaviour.

Together with Auchan, Ceetrus strives to generate the maximum number of customers visiting its shopping malls possible.