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Calendar of events

New exhibition at the KSA Art Gallery

Date of event: 29.11.2023 - 12.12.2023

From November 29, we invite you to the exhibition of graduates of the School of Artistic Clothing Design.

Karolina Siek presents the Mental Side collection touching on the issue of social ignorance of ADHD and the mental and multidimensional structure of this problem. He treats each of his works as a separate visual work that is connected by a "common thread" of deconstruction and chaos.

Alicja Zdral focuses on the aspect of sustainable fashion in her work. Her designs are experiments with bioplastic, natural dyes, kombucha leather and felt, and the Æntro collection itself is an attempt to search for one's own "self" in the fluid modernity that surrounds us. Both collections were honored several times during this year's Cracow Fashion Week.

On December 1, at 7 p.m., we invite you to the opening of the new exhibition, during which you will be able to see the works of Karolina Siek and Alicja Zdral.

The exhibition will last from November 29 to December 12!