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City game and workshops for children as part of the Conrad Festival

Date of event: 21.10.2023 - 28.10.2023

A city game with crossword elements requiring cunning and deduction, learning cryptography and creating sensory books - these creative attractions, organized as part of the Conrad Festival, will be waiting for participants in a completely new location. One of the stages of the fifteenth edition of the event will be the Bronowice Gallery, where words and literature will meet entertainment and fun for the whole family. Activities are scheduled for October 21, 27 and 28.

The Conrad Festival, organized by the Krakow Festival Office, is the largest international literary event in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. The program of this year's edition is full of creative workshops, film screenings and interesting meetings and conversations with writers, journalists and experts in the field of art and literature. Many of these events are aimed at the youngest audience - children, who have the opportunity to learn about the world of culture and more through play!

On October 21 at A city game will be played here from 12:00-17:00. The participants' task will be to solve an unusual crossword. The slogans will be in the form of riddles and will be placed in various places throughout the shopping center. The fastest and most efficient ones will receive unique gifts related to literature. The number of packages will be limited, so don't waste your time.

This is not the end of the word fun at Galeria Bronowice!
On Friday, October 27, for the youngest and their guardians will be treated to incredibly interesting workshops.The participants will create a mysterious monogram based on alphabets from around the world. The newly created type of writing will be used to encrypt the names of beginner cryptologists, who may prove to be more effective than the well-known Enigma.

Words can be spoken, written, encrypted, but, as it turns out, also touched. This is what the "Soft and Hard Words" workshop will be about, scheduled for Saturday, October 28.Children over 4 years of age and their parents will have the opportunity to create words to touch and look at in the form of mini leporello books. They will use various, unexpected objects, such as colorful groats, soft cotton wool, colorful beans, wooden sticks and much, much more. It is up to the participants what form the words will take, and the only thing that can limit them is their own imagination.

The city game and workshops at Galeria Bronowice are free of charge. They do not require prior registration and you can join them at any time.

October 21 (Saturday) - city game "Closer to the Conrad Festival"
October 27 (Friday) - "Mysterious Monogram" workshop 16:00-18:00
October 28 (Saturday) - "Soft and Hard Words" workshop, 12:00-14:00