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Come to the roof of Galeria Bronowice!

Date of event: 26.08.2023 - 26.08.2023

Dear Cracovians and Cracovians. Especially for you, on Saturday, August 26, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., on the roof of Galeria Bronowice (Level +2) in Krakow, the Greater Village Market of local products will take place.

We invite you to shop for healthy and delicious fruit, vegetables and their preserves. You will be able to choose from excellent types of cheese from cow to sheep and goat. Before autumn, you will replenish stocks of high-quality honey and bee products. You can buy oils, sourdoughs and dumplings, croquettes and various delicacies, including cakes from the kitchens near Krakow.
We have also prepared for you beautiful handicrafts, including utility and decorative ceramics, candles and decor elements and many other goods.

From 3 we invite you to listen to regional folk songs and recitation of short literary forms told by "Godka Krakoska" performed by Folklore Groups and Circles of Country Housewives from the Wielka Wieś commune.

We have also prepared competitions and games for the whole family! The main prize in our competitions - a designer cordless kettle - was donated by the NUUMO store - a new interior design brand in Galeria Bronowice at level 0.

At 4.30 p.m. we invite lovers of folk culture to listen to "Talks about the region" during which we will talk about the identities of local regions around Krakow.

Until 9 p.m. we will have a great time and everything will be Krakosk style, so Come to the roof!

The fair will take place on the car park on the roof of Galeria Bronowice on level +2.

2 p.m. Welcome and start of the Wielkopolski Fair / 15 Exhibitors
3 p.m. Band performance / recitations
3:20 p.m. Band performance
3:40 p.m. Band performance
4 p.m. Competitions and games
4.30 p.m. Panel
5:15 p.m. Band performance
5.30 p.m. Games
7 p.m. End of the Market