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Calendar of events

Children's Day with Maya the Bee

Date of event: 03.06.2023 - 03.06.2023

We invite you for a day full of unforgettable impressions and adventures with the nicest bee that will cheer everyone up.


Competitions with prizes and games on stage with Maja the Bee
We invite you children for cheerful competition in 5 competitions: throwing "pollen" to the hive, bowling, an obstacle course, races on gravity cars, slalom, in which we have a hockey stick to carry "pollen" between the cones.

Face painting, fairytale tattoo studio

Aiming viewer
The game consists in throwing "bee pollen" into the appropriate holes in a specially prepared scenography.

Spider maze
The task of children will be to overcome the spider maze in the XXL version.

Photo walls with Bee Have

Board game - check how well you know Maja the Bee
Children draw questions by throwing a large dice. The number of points drawn corresponds to the number of moves on the game board. The questions refer to a fairy tale and bees.

Multimedia games on tablets

The event will take place next to Costa Coffee.