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Calendar of events

The GRAND PRESS PHOTO exhibition

Date of event: 31.10.2021 - 19.11.2021

The "Press" magazine has been organizing the GRAND PRESS PHOTO National Press Photography Contest since 2005. Its purpose is to promote Polish press photography. Grand Press Photo is a competition for professional news photographers working in press and internet editorial offices, in photo agencies and for freelancers. The competition is unique as the participants are assessed by a world-class professional. Every year, the chairman of the jury, who has the deciding vote in the selection of the awarded works, is the winner of World Press Photo.

This year, the special guest and chairman of the jury was Romain Laurendeau - winner of the World Press Photo Long Therm Project 2020 and the World Press Photo Story of the Year 2020.
On May 13, we met the winners of this year's, 17th edition of the competition. Once again, due to pandemic, the results of the competition were broadcast live on the Internet (on the Press and websites), but the audience of the Gala was impressive, reaching over 1 million viewers.

For this year's edition, 4,517 photos have been submitted, of which the jury nominated 272 photos for the finals. And it is all these nominated photos (and of course the awarded ones) that will be displayed at city exhibitions that have been successfully visited by in Polish cities for years.