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Vaccination point against COVID-19 in Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 12.07.2021

On July 12, the first COVID-19 vaccination point in the shopping center opens in Galeria Bronowice
Customers will be able to get vaccinated here while shopping without prior registration. This also applies to the vaccinations of the youngest from the age of 12. The organizer of the vaccination point is the UNIMED Krakow Medical Center.

At the general vaccination point located in Galeria Bronowice, both all those who haven’t done it yet and those who are to take the second dose will be able to get vaccinated. No prior registration will be required. Our city centre's clients will be asked to complete the necessary documentation and will undergo a medical qualification, on the basis of which they will receive the vaccine.

Choice of: one dose when doing shopping or two doses of Pfizer and Moderna
Johnson&Johnson single-dose vaccine will be available in Galeria Bronowice. Two-dose vaccine, such as Pfizer and Moderna will also be available in the vaccination center - customers of Galeria Bronowice will be able to use the full cycle of the mentioned vaccines (the second shot in the case of Pfizer will be set in 21 days, and in the case of Moderna in 28 days), or get vaccinated with the second dose regardless of where the first one has been taken. For the second shot to be taken, the minimum time between doses is required.

Vaccination also for children
At the vaccination point in Galeria Bronowice, it will also be possible to vaccinate children and youth - from the age of 12 - doctors who qualify for vaccinations on site have an excellent contact with the youngest on a daily basis. The children will be given a two-dose Pfizer vaccine.

The vaccination point will be open during our shopping center opening hours. Every day, there will be about 200 doses - after this daily amount is given, the point will be closed on that day. The point is located on level 0, near Auchan, next to the stairs leading from the parking lot to the Galeria Bronowice walkway.

The availability of vaccines on a given day can be verified by calling 12 352 23 30 or by checking the profile Also every day on the Galeria Bronowice website (around noon) updated information on the availability of doses of individual vaccines will appear.