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Do you love holidays and sightseeing is your passion? Don't wait, come to our RAINBOW showroom in Galeria Bronowice today and we will definitely choose something for you!

Do you like exotic things? Do you love the vastness of turquoise water? Do you like small, leisurely towns where the streets are covered with sand instead of asphalt? then we have something special for you! Welcome to Venezuela, the Princess of the Caribbean, located in the Los Roques Archipelago!

How about Africa? Tsavo East is a Park that you can visit while relaxing on the coast and during two sightseeing tours around Kenya. Of course, we are talking about "Kenyan Trio" and "Hello with Africa". The eastern part is most of the Tsavo Park. There are many different species of animals here, which makes it easy to observe.

Maybe you are interested in Asia and its completely different culture, monuments and landscapes? Thailand is not only fabulous beaches, excellent street food and exotic fruits. It is also rich in history and religion, which you can learn more about when you are there. At Rainbow we have the largest selection of sightseeing tours, thanks to which you will get to know the most important places and attractions in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Visit our office and you will learn everything about the holidays that interest you. We also encourage you to purchase trips that are the perfect complement to your dream vacation.