Openning hours: Shopping Mall 9:00 - 21:00, Auchan Hipermarket 7:30 - 22:00

About us

What makes us special?

The slogan: THE PLACE TO ENJOY YOURSELF, makes us commit ourselves to offer you something more than just shopping. We want various groups of people - children and young adults - to be able to spend their time with us in a friendly atmosphere, using a wide range of our entertainment options, but we also want to cater for those whose interests are quite different.

Besides our basic aims, we set ourselves a special mission to promote art, in its widest sense, and to “take it out” of the premises to which it is typically bound. Which is the reason why “Academy at Bronowice”, under the auspices of Kraków Academy of Fine Arts, came into being. The idea was to shorten the distance between art and diverse audiences. Please come and visit us at the place where we can show you that art can become close to each and every one of you, that you can have fun with it and understand it. Every day you can see there exhibitions of the works of the professors and students of the Academy, extraordinary installations and unique pieces of designer furniture. We hope to see you at our exhibitions, multimedia presentations, discussions, workshops, classes and many other activities. “Academy at Bronowice” is located on the 1st floor.

Cinema-goers will definitely be interested in our branch of Mikro cinema, located on the 1st floor. This mini 30-seat studio cinema offers a quality repertoire: independent cinema, European, artistic films that have gained critical acclaim at festivals.

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And maybe - to take a break from shopping - a moment of relaxation with a book in your hand? Our first in Kraków reading room in a shopping mall is a place open to everybody. This sheltered area, located on the mezzanine on the 1st floor, is open to all literature lovers, both adult and younger ones. There is something to cater for all the tastes - we have got over two thousand different titles, ranging from bloodcurdling thrillers and light-hearted romances, through non-fiction, popular science and historic novels, to the classical works of Polish and foreign literature.
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We would like to invite our youngest guests, who are never tired of playing, to Creative Planet (Kreatywna Planeta), the world of fun where the kids can find interactive games, building blocks, slides, playhouses and many other attractions. There are also board games for those a bit older - we have more than several dozens of favourite, fashionable and also timeless classic games. Kreatywna Planeta is located on the first floor, next to the food court area.
There is a place specially designated for the customers with children in our wide and spacious restaurant area: Eat&Play. It is an area arranged in such a way that parents can eat their meal in peace, keeping their eyes on their playful kids, as they are seated around the playground site. There is also a merry-go-round just beside it - a fantastic fun for the youngest ones, which can be put in motion with their own feet. Every kid may find here outlet for their energy and use it to make the merry-go-round shine with different colours.

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On the ground floor there are two areas of relaxation (Strefa Relaksu) with gigantic pillows, where all those tired with shopping can take a break for a while and have a rest - reclining on a soft pouf here they can forget about everything and... relax.To help you relax better, there is also a video games area (Strefa Video Games) with almost 60” plasma TV, Xbox consoles or a PlayStation. You can play there the latest games involving physical activity - car races, sport and dancing games. There are no games with the elements of violence or involving shooting.

In front of the mall there are also a few new places dedicated to entertainment - both of the intellectual and active type.

There is a colourful and functional playground for children just beside the entrance to the building, where all the children under 12 are welcome to come and enjoy freely and safely our facilities prepared specially for them. Swings, slides, spring riders and other toys invite the kids to spend some time outdoors. The whole area of the playground is lined with a special surface - tartan: soft and safe even if a child happens to take a tumble.
There is also an area next to the entrance of the building where all the people interested may play boules (Pétanque) - a traditional French game of skill, or play chess. If the weather is favourable, please come and sit at our chess tables, there are also two large chess boards where you can play with almost half a metre-tall pieces. The pieces and boules can be rented on the ground floor of the mall - at InfoPunkt.

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The enthusiasts of extreme sports should visit our skate park, located near the entrance to the mall on the pharmacy side. The skatepark contains the following features: banks and mini quarters, grind boxes, quarter pipes and rails and is available to the enthusiasts of rollerblading, skateboarding, and BMX riders - from the neighbourhoodand from the rest of Kraków. The admission to the skatepark is free, and the area is open from 9 am to 9 pm. The skatepark is open to all those who can follow the rules and regulations and have common sense.

There is also one more facility located next to the skatepark - a basketball court that is open to the fans of physical activity. The balls can be rented at the InfoPunkt.

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Apart from the shopping opportunity, and a wide range of cultural activities and entertainment options, Galeria Bronowice is also a place where you can take care of official matters, such as your residence documents and identity card, driving licence and vehicle registration or the registration of business activity. Citizen Service Point, the first official institution located on the premises of a shopping mall, is located on the 1st floor, opposite the escalator, next to the car park exit. Four officials, the representatives of the Department of Administrative Affairs and the Department for Registration and Licensing of Vehicles and Drivers, are available from Monday to Saturday, between 10 am and 6 pm.

You can also work at our shopping mall in a specially prepared area, the Co-working Point (Punkt Co-working). It was developed for the purpose of freelance workers, students starting their business career, novice entrepreneurs or people who so far had been working at home. We offer a free, quiet working space, equipped with basic tools. It is our hope that many creative projects of high quality will be developed there.

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