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Location: Ground floor

Category: Fashion

Bytom is a Polish brand that boasts 70 years of experience in men’s tailoring and is a part of Polish cultural heritage. The motto is inspired by the concept FOR GENERATIONS, which is why the brand focuses on education in the spirit of patriotism - recounting memorable events in the history of Poland and great Polish historical figures. “The Officer Collection”, inspired by military style, is the result of this philosophy. The collection includes double-breasted woollen coats with epaulettes and jackets with metal buttons featuring an eagle, a set comprising a jacket, a shirt, a tie and shoes inspired by a formal military uniform, a collection of t-shirts, including those with a print inspired by the image of an eagle and accessories with white and red elements. The collection has a unique character since a special label reading BYTOM POLSKA MARKA OD 1945 (Bytom Polish brand since 1945) was prepared and the products are named after military ranks.