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Prepare yourself for St. Andrew’s Eve Party

Date of event: 29.11.2014

Free makeups and image consultant advice, bartenders show and a tasting of amazing cocktails - these are just a few reasons to visit Galeria Bronowice next Saturday, on the 29th November.

Please come and visit our beauty parlour between 1 pm and 7 pm! All the interested ladies are going to have professional daytime or evening makeup done by makeup artists from the school of Image Consulting and Styling “Alternatywa”, and image consultants will help you choose the clothes and colours most suitable for your body shape and type of beauty.

The afternoon entertainment is provided by the bartenders show, accompanied by a tasting of scrumptious drinks and colourful cocktails- which are, of course, non-alcoholic. The bartenders from the School of Restaurateurs and Enchanted Tastes in Kraków are looking forward to seeing you at their amazing show from 3 pm to 7 pm.

It’s time to prepare yourself for St. Andrew’s Eve Party! Please come and join us!

All the attractions are free of charge.

Prepare yourself for St. Andrew’s Eve Party at Galeria Bronowice