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Back to school with Maciek and Adam

Date of event: 13.09.2014

Next Saturday, on 13th September, we are going to prove that the return to school can be a great fun! There will be numerous attractions for all the pupils at the “Back to school” event, and our special guests will be Maciej Musiał and Adam Zdrójkowski- actors starring in television's most acclaimed series “”.

The young actors are going to talk about the making of the series, share a few behind the scenes secrets, a may even divulge some details concerning the future season, the shooting of which starts in December.

Maciek and Adam will also share a few stories and anecdotes about their school life, as they also start school in September: Adam is still a student at a junior high school, whereas Maciek is going to make a debut as a freshman in October this year. Both of them, together with the audience, are going to take part in school games and charades.

Everyone dreaming about becoming a film star will have the opportunity to try their hand at acting at the workshops conducted by Maciek and Adam and work with original TV series screenplay.

Then there will be an open question and answer session, and some time to take photos and get the stars’ autographs. There will also be plenty of competitions and games with fantastic prizes!

The Saturday event at Galeria Bronowice will also have and added educational element - police officers from Lesser Poland are going to be on a panel discussing the matters of safety, and are willing to provide any information on the topic of safety at school and on the way there; there will also be paramedics teaching about first aid procedures.

The “Back to school” event at Galeria Bronowice is going to take place on Saturday, 13th September from 1 pm to 5 pm.

The admission is free.

Back to school z Maćkiem Musiałem i Adamem Zdrójkowskim