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Music classes with Joszko Broda in Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 14.09.2019

Learning to sing traditional songs, music workshops and discovering folklore culture. Joszka Broda invites you on September 14 for a free exemplary lesson at Galeria Bronowice. The school from the forest is a new artist's project directed to children from reception classes and elementary schools.

Neurologists have no doubt that music should accompany children from an early age. The stimuli that it provides stimulate the development of the brain and nervous system, also affect the formation of the child's personality. Learning to play instruments strengthens memory, sensitizes, teaches regularity and concentration.

Joszko Broda, a musician and multi-instrumentalist, has been conducting music initiatives for children and youth for over 20 years. Music has accompanied him since early childhood, he made his stage debut at the age of 4 in his father's band, Józef Broda. His work draws from the Beskid traditions. In his arrangements he uses shepherd's instruments, thanks to which his music reproduces the sounds of nature.

The school from the forest is an innovative project in which the artist will share his skills with the youngest. During weekly one-hour meetings, children will learn to sing traditional folk songs and play unique ethnic instruments. You can check how the workshops will look like on September 14 in the Relaxation and Video Games Zone on the ground floor of Galeria Bronowice. The free demonstration lesson will start at 12.00.

Classes in the School from the forest are paid, enrolment is open until the end of September - details are available at