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Children's Day in Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 01.06.2019

Children's Day is a special time for each of us. Celebrate it with us in Galeria Bronowice!

In program:

Rocket workshops.
Workshops on aerodynamics.
At the workshop children will build mini rockets and rise them up. They will check how the jet engine works, take part in the levitating ping-pong game, find out what aerodynamics deals with and why Formula 1 does not look like a bus. We will see for ourselves what it means to put up resistance. Children will learn how it is possible that planes, rockets or balloons can float in the air.
Robotic workshops.
Workshops using LEGO Mindstorms or Lego WeDo sets. During the classes, children will learn how to create their mechanical helper, how to make them ride, shine or make sounds. Workshops will make it easier to understand the issues of mathematics, computer science and technology. Various programs for children from 5 to 13 years old to choose from.

Construction workshops.
At the workshop, children learn about the basic tools - hammer, saw, drill and screwdriver. We will use our skills to create pieces and cubes for a special board game in which we will play afterwards. And all this while complying with safety rules in helmets and protective glasses.

Animations for children.
Games, competitions for children with music, participation in games - movement competitions, exercises with Klanza sheet and movement games.

Area for babies up to 4 years old.
On foam mats, we will build a "sandbox" for children, but not with sand, and with semolina, it is much more powdery, and it doesn’t make clothes dirty- just lightly dust off and there is no trace. In the sandbox, everything that toddlers love - mills, buckets, diggers and other toys.

We paint different themes.