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The festival of board games in Kraków

Date of event: 10.06.2017

Almost one hundred games, ten cities, two weekends and countless amounts of positive energy. Analog games have became a craze that took over the whole Poland. The Festival of Board Games starts with the end of May. It is a unique opportunity to get to know the latest trends, the new arrivals on the market and the classics as well. There are going to be tournaments, workshops and competitions. The exercises in having fun are going to be held in the Empik salon of Galeria Bronowice, in Kraków.

Board games are not just a trend that allows you to activate your mind, but it is also a way of spending your free time with your family or friends - a great way to bring the players together.  - A board game is a really magnificent thing: it engages the brain, but also our emotions and social skills. They teach us that sometimes you have to wait, that you cannot skip your turn and that life is as much about winning as it is about losing.

The Festival of Board Games in the Empik salon involves workshops and shows, during which new products along with recognized, contemporary classic such as “Monopoly” or “I Know” are going to be presented. Experienced players will have the opportunity to try their hand at tournaments.  The organisers together with game publishers prepared not only inspiring workshops and competitions with prizes for the visitors, but also discounts on selected products.

The partners of the Festival of Board Games are: Granna, Foxgames, Hasbro, Hippocampus, Tactic, Nasza Księgarnia, Rebel, Trefl, Egmont.


The festival of board games in Kraków