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The Show of Purebred Cats at GaleriaBronowice

Date of event: 19.12.2015

Neva Masquerade, Devon Rex, Ragdoll, Turkish Van – these are just a few cat breeds that will be shown at Galeria Bronowice on Saturday, 19th November, during the Purebred Cats Show. The event will be accompanied by a cat beauty pageant, attractions for children, competitions with prizes, and thanks to “Stawiamy na łapy” foundation from Kraków there will also be an opportunity to adopt a cat.

Out of the 50ones present at Galeria Bronowice, the most beautiful cats will be chosen in four categories: kittens, she-cats, he-cats and the veterans. The results are going to be announced at 5.00 pm. A veterinary doctor and professional breeders will be there to serve with free advice and answer the questions of pet owners and those who are just planning to adopt a cat.

An adoption centre is going to be open for the duration of the campaign. All the people considering adopting a cat should visit the stand of “Stawiamy na łapy” foundation. The representatives of the organization will help you make the right choice regarding your future pet.

The organizers have also prepared many attractions for children, obviously, with a cat theme in mind. Kids will also have the opportunity to take part in art classes, paint their faces with cat designs, listen to stories or test their knowledge of cats in a contest.

The Show of Purebred Cats at GaleriaBronowice