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Children’s Day at Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 04.06.2016

On 4th June, between 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm, we would like to invite all children with their parents to celebrate with us Children’s Day at Galeria Bronowice.

The programme includes:*

Imagilandia - a large format board game with some general development exercises involved. It is a game in which children assume the roles of dwarves and elves, and have to defend their kingdom - the Imagilandia -l
and chase away an evil dragon that is ravaging the land.
Mini board game tournaments - organized by Galeria Bronowice and Joker store. Games for younger and older audiences, for more and less experienced players. Everyone will find something to their liking! Attractive prizes will be awarded to the winners! Mini tournaments are going to take place on the first level in Joker store and on the overpass between the store and InterSport salon.

12-3 pm: exercises with balls, volleyball warm-up drill, stability and coordination exercises and stretching
3 pm-5 pm: a competition with the use of radar and keepie-ups, that is juggling with a football using your head, feet and legs
5 pm-7 pm games and activities - physical exercises
12-7 pm tennis table

For everyone:
• hand prints
• a paper chain shared with everyone (with your own name on it)
• a map of a child’s world (drawing the shape of your continent, giving it a name and colouring it)

• salt dough sculptures
• multi-coloured masks (with elastic bands)
• origami
• favourite animal
• self-portrait/ the portrait of my family
• face painting
• a colourful totem

*There may be variations to the programme

Children’s Day at Galeria Bronowice