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SIGMA insurance

Location: First floor

Category: Services

SIGMA is a multi-line insurance agency, professional translation agency, bill payment centre and a photocopy shop.

Our offer covers various types of non-life insurance services: motor insurances (Liability Insurance, Breakdown Cover,Accident Insuranceand others), household insurance, both for corporate and private clients. We offer the services of a wide range of insurance companies including PZU, Warta, HDI, Ergo Hestia, Proama, Uniqa or Aviva.

Sigma is also a team of translators with many years of experience - our offer includes both certified translations and regular ones, from and into all European languages and many world languages.

Our centre at Galeria Bronowice allows you to save a lot of time - we will deal with all the paperwork connected with vehicle registration, both when it comes to imported cars and those bought in the country. You can also pay all your City Council fees and charges there (we are located literally as far as 6 steps away from the City Council Offices!) and pay all your bills with the lowest commission rates around.