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Location: First floor

Category: Sport

Phone no.: 0 801 500 502, +48 12 44 48 888 (for mobile phones)

INTERSPORT Polska S.A. operates on a developing market of retail trade in sports goods. The Company is the leader among chains of sports shops as it currently owns 33 stores situated in 18 biggest Polish towns.

Offer and products - each of INTERSPORT Polska S.A. stores offers a full range of sports goods for ca. 40 sport disciplines. Clients may select a product of at east three different manufacturers, at different price levels. Furthermore, the assortment is supplemented with INTERSPORT own brands. Both specialized and general sports goods can be purchased.

Services - the Company places large emphasis on professional customer service, not restricting itself to selling only. The customer has the opportunity to have the equipment purchased serviced, participate in sport and recreational events, and to test the newest winter and tenis equipment at INTERSPORT – RENT.