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Third edition of Vinyl Swap

Date of event: 07.02.2016

Vinyl Swap at GaleriaBronowice approaches rapidly - it’s the third edition of the extremely popular fairs where you can buy and swap vinyl records, CDs, cassette tapes, record players and other music playing devices, as well as vintage equipment. The event starts on 7th February at high noon. Free exhibition stands, prepared specially for this occasion, will be available from 12:00 am - 8:00 pm.

Have you got any records, cassettes or reels that clutter your drawers and shelves? Or maybe there is an old dust-covered record player in your attic that you have inherited from your grandparents? There are people who might be interested in buying them or swapping them for something else. At the Vinyl Swap music fairs you can refresh your record collection, swap, buy or sell your vinyl records, CDs, cassette tapes, old music players or many other devices that an audiophile like you may find interesting.

We would especially like to extend a very special invitation to our February event to parents with children - as the third edition of the fairs at GaleriaBronowice is going to be accompanied by a disco for children, where they will be able to dance to the music... played on vinyl records! Other attractions for children include face painting, games with balloons, ribbons and hula hoop.

A few dozen professional exhibitors, who will bring a dozen or so thousand records, have already confirmed their attendance. Vinyl records enthusiasts from the whole Poland and from the Czech Republic are going to be there.

- The guest list includes: Tomasz Olszewski, who used to be a manager of a music shop in Great Britain and came back to Poland a few months ago. To all music-scene insiders he is known as Pan Winyl. The most important exhibitors from Kraków promised to be there. “Thanks to the Vinyl Swap organized at GaleriaBronowice we have witnessed a noticeable revival of interest in vinyl records in Kraków, and the fairs themselves attract a whole host of people” - said Adrian Karpeta and Piotr Bukartyk from Non Stop Music, the organization that together with GaleriaBronowice is responsible for the launch of the event.

The third Kraków Vinyl Swap, organized by GaleriaBronowice and Non Stop Music is going to last 8 hours. During this time everyone interested will be able not only to show their collection of
records, but also swap their collectibles with other participants of the fairs. The admission to the fairs is free. The organizers provide free exhibition stands for those willing to display their records.

Third edition of Vinyl Swap