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Calendar of events

Drama workshops at Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 03.09.2016

We would like to invite children aged 4 to 12 to drama workshops conducted by the actors of the Groteska Theatre.

The workshops are going to take place on the premises of the Groteska Theatre, level 1, from 12:00 am - 2:00 pm.

28.05 – May Day with drama and dragons
On the eve of the 16th Great Dragon Parade, we would like to invite you to the workshops that will be dragon-themed to the bone; there you will be able to turn into a dragon, become a dragon handler and, who knows, you may even learn how to roar as a real Wawel dragon!

03.09 – Welcome to the merry menagerie of the world of theatre!
Where is the little horse going, why is the wasp flying around your nose, if the goat had not been jumping, would it like to dance with a thread? - or on the trail of a wild boar and other wild animals in the grotesque jungle of the Groteska Theatre!
Through improvisation and drama games with puppets and without them, we are going to discover what our bodies and imagination can do. We can turn our hands into wings, feet into dinosaur paws and there we go!

10.12 – Face to face with a mask, or everyone can be an actor
Please come and join us at our truly grotesque workshops, during which you can meet many characters from fairy tales and even become one of them.

Drama workshops at Galeria Bronowice