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Exhibition “Family Portraits of Polish Kings”

Date of event: 15.12.2015

A unique photo exhibition opens at Galeria Bronowice on 7th December, it is titled “Family Portraits of Polish Kings”* and was prepared by the Association of the Parents and Friends of Children with Down Syndrome “Rainbow” (Stowarzyszenie Rodziców i Przyjaciół Dzieci z Zespołem Downa „Tęcza”). The photos present the rulers of Poland. It is an exceptional exhibition as the children, teenagers and adults with Down syndrome were used as the models for the portraits of the kings. The exhibition is open until 8th January 2016.

The pictures taken by Bartosz Pawłowski show a selection of more important Polish kings. But we are not only going to see there the rulers, but also their wives and numerous offspring. The photo shot was preceded by the workshops on the history of Poland.

Exhibition “Family Portraits of Polish Kings”