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The Odblaskowi campaign - safety reflectors

Date of event: 22.11.2015

How to use pedestrian crossings properly and the road safely? Why is it so important to wear safety reflectors? You can learn the answers to those and many more questions already on 22nd November from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm at Galeria Bronowice during the educational campaign called Odblaskowi.

The Odblaskowi campaign is addressed both to children and their parents. The intention is to promote and encourage the use of safety reflectors, which can help to protect the health and life of pedestrians using the roads after dark. As of 31st August, the regulation making it obligatory for all the pedestrians using the roads after dark outside built-up areas to wear safety reflectors was introduced.

During the meeting at Galeria Bronowice children will be given reflective bands, which are necessary for their safety, especially during the autumn-winter season. There are also going to be games and educational activities with a road traffic theme. Animators will prepare tables where the children can draw and colour in pictures. What is more, there are also going to be educational boards. A giant board game in which the children act as pieces is going to be the most interesting element of the workshops.

Parents visiting Galeria Bronowice on 22nd November will get brochures explaining how a driver sees a pedestrian after dark.

The Odblaskowi campaign