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Use your phone to its full capacity

Date of event: 21.11.2015

Modern mobile phone is the icon of our times and it is hard to imagine living without it. It offers us virtually unlimited possibilities, however, to be able to use it to the full extent, and first and foremost to prevent malfunctions and faults, we should know how to take care of it properly. How to protect your phone against damage? How to fully realise its potential? How to take care of your mobile phone touchscreen in such a way that you could use it for many years to come? - you can learn all of these things next Saturday (21st November) at Galeria Bronowice.

Use your phone to its full capacity.

Experts from T-Mobile and Hub:raum have prepared a special stand at Galeria Bronowice where everyone interested can seek answers to the most burning questions they have. A short conversation with them will let you find your way in the jungle of thousands of apps and choose only those that will be of the greatest use to you. The experts will show you how to share your photos, music, files and how to make a video call. After the meeting with them, everyone interested will be able to use the hidden potential of their device and learn how it can make their everyday life easier.

Take care of your smartphone.

A cracked smartphone screen is a nightmare of every user. There is no denying that sometimes we get very attached to our phone, so it is not surprising that we want to keep it in top condition for as long as it is possible. Our experts can help you in this matter as well, they can tell you how to make you phone secure through the right configuration of settings and how to update your phone’s software and protect it from mechanical damage.

Everyone interested in discovering the potential of their smartphone is invited to join us on Saturday, 21st November, at Galeria Bronowice, from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, where the experts will answer all your questions and share a cup of aromatic coffee with you.

Use your phone to its full capacity