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Calendar of events

Supertrophy 2015 at Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 19.10.2015

Fountains of mud, bent bumpers, broken tyres and rims, fighting to win with no holds barred and splashes of adrenaline... that is what every car racing enthusiast likes best. As a result of the cooperation with the Supertrophy races operator, everyone visiting Galeria Bronowice in October will have the opportunity to immerse in the atmosphere of racing and see the exhibition of cars contending in this year’s Supertrophy series.

Supertrophy is a sports rivalry of amateur car enthusiasts organised so that the atmosphere resembles to a great extent the one from professional racing tracks. The competition is open to every driver having a valid driving licence.

From 19th to 25th of October Galeria Bronowice is going to host an exhibition of cars taking part in this edition of the race. The models presented comprise cars that we can see every day on our roads but specially modified for the purpose of racing and to meet he demanding requirements of Rzepakowa Racing Track. Every vehicle at the exhibition reflects the personality of its owner. Supertrophy series is addressed to all those enthusiasts-amateurs who are eager to participate in a motor sport in a creative and low-cost way, and who choose to express their passion through the modifications and enhancements of their cars. One more important event has been scheduled for 24th October at Galeria Bronowice - an official season closing ceremony, during which the winners of this year’s edition of Supertrophy races are to be decorated.

Supertrophy 2015 at Galeria Bronowice