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Interactive Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 23.06.2015

Galeria Bronowice, as a modern shopping mall, has prepared centres of entertainment and relax for its customers with the help of the latest technological innovations. Video Games Zone (Strefa Video Games) and a brand new interactive floor and tables equipped with a few dozen games and applications is an offer for both kids and adults. The devices can be used for free within the opening hours of the mall.

Interactive devices available at Galeria Bronowice are a form of state-of-the art entertainment that should satisfy even the most discerning customers. The interactive floor and tables, which have just been recently replaced with the new ones, are an offer for the customers looking for new ideas to spend their free time and take a short break from the shopping routine.

IFoot Kids Zone (Strefa iFoot Kids), located in front of Auchan store (level 0), has been equipped with a new interactive floor responsive to touch and motion that stimulates the imagination of its users and helps to develop hand-eye coordination. The younger users, and those a bit older ones too, can choose from among 35 different educational and entertaining games and animations - including a game of football or an interactive piano, bowling, billiards, ludo, a treasure hunt, obstacle racing or catching items that pop up. In the vicinity there are poufs and places to rest for the tired players and their parents who may want to watch over their kids while they play.

Then, in the passage (not far from the Polakowski Restaurant on level +1) there are 3 interactive tables prepared for the customers of Galeria Bronowice that make it possible for one person or more to use the multi-touch applications at the same time. The devices are equipped with an intelligent system of image display and motion tracking that can coordinate several dozen arcade, educational, and musical games for gamers of different ages and applications such as: PDF and Media Viewer, Draw or Slider. An additional feature makes it possible to divide each table into 2 or 4 smaller sections, working independently.

A regular meeting place for game enthusiasts is Relax and Video Games Zone (Strefa Relaksu i Video Games) located on the ground floor of the mall, where two stands fitted with almost 60” plasma TVs, motion sensors and Xbox consoles are waiting for all those interested. Here you can play many latest non-violent games that do not involve any shooting such as: car races, games involving physical activity, sport and dancing games.

Interactive Galeria Bronowice