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Personal stylist at Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 27.05.2015

What is trendy now? How to dress to go out, and what to wear to the office? How to accentuate your naturally beautiful features and how to find your own individual, unique style? ... If you have no idea how to reinvent yourself, if you need some guidelines or a professional fashion advice - you should get one at Galeria Bronowice. On the 27th May we inaugurated a “Styling & Image Consulting Zone” open to every customer.

Thanks to the advice of the specialists at our Styling & Image Consulting Zone, all the people interested are going to learn how to do a perfect make-up step by step. During the whole week (Monday - Friday from 2 pm-7 pm, Saturday - Sunday 1 pm-7 pm) all those who are willing to change their image can come and meet a professional make-up specialist who is going to show you how to do your make-up in a way that is most flattering and accentuates your natural beauty.

Make-up artist’s advice is not all you can get here - at the new Zone at Galeria Bronowice you can sign up for a weekend shopping session with a stylist who is going to help you find your way in the jungle of clothes. Shopping with a professional is convenient but also gives you certainty that you have chosen the right colours and style of clothes.

Fashion Image & Styling Zone, with a make-up specialist and an image consultant is located at level +1, between Recman and Triumph stores at Galeria Bronowice. Opening hours: Mon - Fri 2 pm-7 pm, Sat - Sun 1 pm-7 pm.

Personal stylist at Galeria Bronowice