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Do not buy... Adopt!

Date of event: 25.04.2015

Galeria Bronowice invites all animal lovers to take part in the campaign “Do not buy... Adopt! Join those who Care”, come this weekend (25 - 26 April) from 1-6 pm. In a specially prepared zone on the ground floor you will have the opportunity to get some advice from a specialist, watch dog shows and adopt a four-legged friend!

The aim of the campaign organized by Galeria Bronowice in cooperation with Krakowskie Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami (KTOZ, Kraków Society for the Protection of Animals) is to draw attention to the problem of homeless, abandoned animals that spend long years in a shelter waiting for their fate to change. There are going to be demonstrations of dog-assisted therapy and dog training, we’ll be raising money and collecting food for cats. There are also going to be dogs available for adoption. Franciszek Klimek, the author of more than 200 poems about cats, (including “I purr, therefore I am” or “When a cat crosses your path”) will honour the event with his presence.

Do not buy... Adopt!You can adopt your four-legged friends on Saturday and Sunday from 2-5 pm. All those who are interested in rescuing a dog will get special “layette” sponsored by Aquael ZOO shop and dog feed from Auchan Bronowice. A fund-raiser for the homeless animals from Kraków Animal Shelter located at ul. Rybna 3 is going to be part of the campaign. All the donations from KTOZ collection tins raised by the volunteers are to be used to finance the interventions of KTOZ inspectors, to treat and neuter the animals, but they are also necessary to provide continuous care and housing for the horses rescued by KTOZ.

As a part of the “Do not buy... Adopt! Join those who Care” campaign, on Saturday and Sunday at 3:00 pm there is going to be a demonstration of dog-assisted therapy with a presentation showing how children should act towards dogs. A person working with a deaf dog is going to be interviewed and will show what this work entails; we are going to try and encourage you to adopt older dogs from the Animal Shelter in Kraków at ul. Rybna 3 and give some advice on the topic.

You cannot buy a friend

- Rescuing a dog from a shelter, we give it a chance for a new life We show that our hands are made to stroke, and that the bowl can be always full. We show that a man can be trusted. In return for a safe shelter and our care, we can get a best friend. These devoted eyes, a wet nose pressing against the bend of your elbow when you are feeling blue, this frantic joy when you get back home - says a trainer and a pet sitter, Magdalena Kasperek, supporting our adoption campaign aimed at dogs from the Kraków Shelter.

We cordially invite you to take part in “Join those who Care” campaign to change the world of those unloved animals for better with us!

Do not buy... Adopt!