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Performance of “Cinderella”

Date of event: 21.12.2014

One of the most popular and well-liked fairy tales for children adapted for the stage. Persecuted by an evil stepmother and her conceited daughters, an orphan, contemptuously referred to as Cinderella, is exploited to do the hardest household chores. Beautiful and good Cinderella has to stay at home when her sisters go to the ball at the Prince’s palace.But the Fairy Godmother appears and uses magic to dress Cinderella in a beautiful gown and send her to the Prince’s ball, instructing Cinderella to return home before midnight.
Beautiful costumes and detailed, hand-painted set designs are worth noting.

The audience learns that with goodness, honesty and hard-work you can change you life.

The running time of the performance: 40 minutes.

Please come and join us on 21st December at 4:00 pm.

Performance of “Cinderella”