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Last Minute Holidays - Finale - The Tournament

Date of event: 31.08.2014

Today we are going to learn the name of the winner of our action “Last Minute Holidays”. At 5 pm the following finalists of the first stage are going to compete:

The first five are:
1. Danuta Rakoczy, time 21.750 s
2. Anna Grzesik, time 22.031 s
3. Mariusz Kaszuba, time 22.562 s
4. Izabela Lach, time 22.968 s
5. Jakub Owazany, time 22.984 s

And another five on the substitute’s bench are:
1. Agnieszka Dybas, time 23.141 s
2. Justyna Baster, time 28.125 s
3. Sławomir Koziński, time 32.187 s
4. Artur Batyra, time 37.250 s
5. Tomasz Klisiewicz, time 37.781 s

The finalists are reminded that – in accordance with he regulations – they are obliged to turn up at Galeria at 4 pm.Everyone is invited to come and cheer and enjoy our many attractions.