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Take a flower! - Plant Adoption Point

Date of event: 12.03.2021

Being among plants helps you feel relaxed, increases the feeling of comfort and peace, and brings comfort. It's important to have them around you. Sometimes, however, there are situations when we have to part with them due to the move, change of life plans, lack of space ... To make this process as smooth as possible, you can use many solutions, thanks to which flowers going to find a new home. One of them is the Plant Adoption Point in Galeria Bronowice, which - after a break in its operation - has been reopened. Currently, after a change of location, for several days it has resumed its operation in the Co-working point located on the +1 level of our shopping center.

Plants provide us with what is necessary for life - they produce oxygen, serve as food, decorate rooms where - especially now - we spend a lot of time. These and other advantages of flowers often lose out to random situations, and unwanted or forgotten ones end up in the trash or wilt in the window or freeze on the balcony.

At the Plant Adoption Point, all flowers left here are given names, watered and replanted under the care of employees of the shopping center. Prepared in this way, they are waiting for new owners. Adoption and donation of flowers are completely free. So far, several hundred flowers have found new homes.