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Take in a flower! - Plant Adoption Point

Date of event: 03.07.2019

Moving, lack of time or space in the apartment to properly care for a green friend. There are various reasons that force us to say goodbye to a dignified spath, soaring sanseviera or exotic chamaedoera. And also many solutions thanks to which flowers can find a new home. One of them is the newly opened Plant Adoption Point in Galeria Bronowice. The place has been operating since July 3rd. It's worth going there in person!

We all know how important greenery plays in human life, let alone the visual qualities and the fact that it makes a natural decoration of the rooms. These and other numerous advantages of flowers often lose with random situations, and unwanted or forgotten potted plants land on the trash or wilt in the window. In order to prevent such situations and organize a new home for flowers, Galeria Bronowice opened the Plant Adoption Point. Here, under the care of the employees of the facility, they will be waiting for new owners.

The Plant Adoption Point has been operating since July 3rd, in Galeria Bronowice on the level +1 - in one of the Co-working rooms. The place operates during our facility working hours. Adoption and handover of flowers are free.
We encourage you to send photos of adopted plants. Uploaded photos will go to our shopping center fanpage.