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Miniature Playmobil worlds in Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 02.04.2019

Since 1974, Playmobil system toys have been appreciated by pedagogues, parents and, above all, children from around the world for their quality and guarantee of great fun. Over the 45 years of existence, every generation from around 100 countries have learned about 30 different worlds to play. Some of them can be visited during an interactive exhibition, now available at Galeria Bronowice. Although just for a moment, the youngest will enter there into the role of firemen, knights or princesses.

An exhibition has just started in Galeria Bronowice, giving the chance to move to miniature worlds in which the boundaries of fantasy do not exist. Playmobil is a systemic fun that was created by Hans Beck almost half a century ago. It stimulates creative thinking in children, and allows parents to go back to the memories of their teenage years. From April, the youngest visitors of the shopping center will have the opportunity to play any role in the copied miniature worlds. Their own imagination will be the only limitation.

Additionally, under the watchful eye of the animators, plays with Playmobil products and competitions with prizes will be held every weekend. However, this is not all - in the MIKI Toys Salon, gifts added to the purchased Playmobil brand article will be waiting for the little ones.
An interactive exhibition with the iconic German brand in the main role will be available in Galeria Bronowice until the end of June during the shopping center opening hours. Participation in the play is free.

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