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An educational campaign of the Matio Foundation

Date of event: 01.03.2019



MATIO FOUNDATION from February 25th until March 3rd, 2019 for the eighteenth time organizes an annual social campaign called the Polish Nationwide Cystic Fibrosis Week, which will be entirely devoted to the dissemination of knowledge about cystic fibrosis, its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and the possibility of a dignified and longer life with this disease.

The motto for this year's campaign: # NIEWIDAĆPRAWDA?/#YOUCAN’TSEEIT,RIGHT? aims to orientate us to a disease that does not give external symptoms, while it ruins the patient's life in every dimension: physical, mental and family life. Cystic fibrosis (CF) - the most frequent genetic disease classified as rare. Cystic fibrosis appears first of all by very salty sweat, poor weight gain, frequent, difficult to treat pneumonia. Patients live with the specters of inevitable death. They spend almost half of their lives on rehabilitation, following a rigorous diet and taking thousands of medications each year. In the last stage of the disease, they practically do not leave the hospital bed.

A genetic disease can not be prevented. That is why, for 23 years, the Cystic Fibrosis Patients and Families Assistance Foundation has been struggling to improve the quality of life of CF patients, runs campaigns and information campaigns on this incurable disease, and presents possibilities for diagnosis and treatment. Throughout the Foundation's activity, we spare no effort to make the public recognize and understand the essence of this disease - disability.

The educational campaign at Galeria Bronowice (1-2 March), with the participation of IFMSA Poland, will be combined with many attractions, including: preventive medical examinations and the "Teddy Bear Hospital".

Available for you will be:

- 2 glucose measuring stations,
- 2 blood pressure stations,
- BMI and body fat measuring station,
- measurement station of  a CO in the exhaled air,
- self-examination of breasts and testicles station,
- 2 stations of Marrow Hero (signing up for bone marrow donors),
- Teddy Bear Hospital,
- “Kostek z Klasą” and first aid,
- Information stand of the Matio Foundation with a can for voluntary donations,
- the station for face caricature painting,
- face painting for children.