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Exhibition of works by drafter Paweł Jaroński

Date of event: 08.02.2019

From February 4th, for two weeks, the exhibition of works by Pawel Jaronski will be displayed at Galeria Bronowice. The drafter from Bydgoszcz illustrates primarily his own ideas. He runs, among others, a series of drawn word games, thanks to which he managed to get almost seventy thousand followers on Facebook, where he publishes his works. In order to read the hidden meaning of the drawings, one has to strain the mind sometimes!


In 2018, the artist designed a series of graphics for Galeria Bronowice referring to the main slogan, which appears in the logo of Galeria Bronowice - Place for Your Time.
Our shopping mall is a place for: SHOPPING, FASHION, ACTIVITY, MEAL AND PROMOTIONS. You can also find such mottos on the works of Pawel Jaronski. Of course, each of them is presented in the form of a funny word game.

His graphics appeared in our shopping mall for the first time during the event promoting THE ZONE OF BENEFITS, a loyalty program for clients located in the Galeria Bronowice Application.
Today you can find them on practical gadgets that you can receive by exchanging points earned in the Program. Among them there are coffee makers, mugs, backpacks and even a mini-fridge! Details about the Zone of Benefits Program can be found on the shopping mall website.


On February 23rd and 24th you will be able to meet Pawel Jaronski in person, talk about his inspirations and get autographs on gadgets and posters. Such an opportunity doesn’t happen often!