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Calendar of events

Odblaskowi campaign

Date of event: 05.11.2017

Artistic and educational workshops, XXL jigsaw puzzle, XXL board game and a meeting with an Owl – all within this year’s eight edition of campaign. Everyone who visits our stand is going to receive free high-visibility bands.

This year’s campaign hero is Reflective Owl. Every hour, children who are next to our stand will be able to take a picture with the mascot. Among many attractions, we also prepared XXL board game where children themselves play part of pawns. Through games and fun the youngest will learn the rules of road safety, especially important during autumn and winter, when the dusk falls faster and the visibility is getting weaker. At such moments, unprotected traffic participants must especially remember to wear high-visibility elements. For completing the game, a child is going to receive a badge-sticker SMART HEAD OWL. At our stand, XXL jigsaw puzzle will also be available, for completing which there is also a prize – a badge-sticker RIDDLE OWLET. The main task for children will be to create their own Owl. There will, of course, be hostesses helping the little ones with their artwork. We have also prepared colouring books for the youngest children. For participation in our artistic workshops, every child is going to receive a badge-sticker COLORFUL OWL.

The main goal of the campaign is to form in children the habit of wearing high-visibility elements, which significantly contribute to better visibility on the road and raise the level of safety of unprotected road users.