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"Objects from paper" exhibition

Date of event: 05.10.2017

On October 5th at Bronowice Academy a new, unusual exhibition called „Objects from paper” was introduced to the public. It presents works of art created by the students from the IV Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, acting at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Presented works were made on paper made by students themselves from recycled materials and from paper obtained from organic matter. The exhibition lasts until November 15th.

Presented works are a selection of very substantial achievements of the Art Laboratory of Unique Handmade Paper, runned for many years by prof. Małgorzata Buczek-Śledzińska. The exhibition includes a set of works from several thematic and problematic themes, carried out within the framework of the study program at the Laboratory and elements of student diplomas from recent years.