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Extracurricular Activities Fairs

Date of event: 09.09.2017

During the weekend of 9th-10th September, Galeria Bronowice is going to host Extracurricular Activities Fairs, with almost 50 exhibitors ready to present their offer. Here you will have an opportunity to learn about the offer of various educational, artistic, sport or creative facilities. But the wide range of courses is not all we have in store for you, there are also discounts on textbooks and workbooks to be used in selected shops, and also competitions with attractive prizes       

3D design, robotics, chemistry workshops, drawing classes, Swedish and Norwegian language courses, palaeontology courses, judo classes, or maybe speed-ball, which is all the rage now? All the parents looking for interesting courses and classes for their kids are invited to come to Galeria Bronowice for Extracurricular Activities Fairs. From 9th to 10th September you will have an opportunity to get familiar with a detailed offer of almost 50 exhibitors, find out what the classes really look like and get some interesting gadgets. All the participants of the fairs can also take part in many other attractions, such as: presentations of the exhibitors, workshops, free demonstration classes, and also receive special discounts, promotional offers and gifts.     

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For the duration of the fairs, we have also prepared a special attraction for all the visitors - 3D City, which you can visit using VR headset – that is, augmented reality glasses. They can be used not only for fun, but also to learn and find out about various interesting  problems. What is more, we are going to have three-dimensional workshops for younger children, during which we are going to use 3D printers and magical 3D markers.

Selected shops and retail outlets at Galeria Bronowice have also decided to prepare, for the duration of the campaign, discounts and special offers on selected school and leisure-related articles.   

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First 50 people to sign up for the event will be rewarded with super gadgets.

What do you have to do to collect the prizes?

  •     Confirm that you are going to take part in Extracurricular Activities Fairs by clicking the “going” button on the Face Book page of the event,
  •     Invite your friends to take part in the event
  •     Collect the guaranteed prize (school gadgets) at the Extracurricular Activities Service Centre, From 9th to 10th September, from 11.00 am - -7.00 pm.
Extracurricular Activities Fairs