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Meeting with the coach of Wisła Kraków

Date of event: 25.05.2017

Come and join us for the meeting with the coach of Wisła Kraków!

This Thursday, on 25th May at Galeria Bronowice, Citi Handlowy bank is going to host the meeting with IvanGonzalez, Pol Llonch and Kiko Ramirez. All the people interested will have the opportunity to take a picture with their idols, collect their autographs and discuss all the matters connected with the topic of “Iberian colony” in Wisła Kraków club.

The meeting starts at 5.00 pm and ends at 8.00 pm, while various sports competitions during which you can win a Wisła Kraków football with the signatures of all the players will be held all day long.


Meeting with the coach of Wisła Kraków