Openning hours: Shopping Mall 9:00 - 21:00, Auchan Hipermarket 7:30 - 22:00

Calendar of events


Date of event: 12.05.2017

On 12th and 13th May, from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm, we would like to invite all the adventurers who want to explore the world, and enjoy the beauty of nature to go with us on a trip to Subcarpathian voivodeship.

- a lottery with amazing prizes in which all the people visiting the stand can take part, the prizes include: a trip to the Subcarpathian region, picture albums, guidebooks, board games, tickets to the vaults in Jrosław,
- a food tasting event where you can try snacks from the castle and the specialties of the local cuisine,
- court music live
- a photo booth where you can take a photo from a virtual trip to the Subcarpathian region,
- Subcarpathian cinema - a show of promotional films,
- a presentation of Subcarpathian aristocratic families,
- the history of Subcarpathian vaults,
- the mysteries of Przemyśl fortress,
- you will also have an opportunity to buy local products and unique guidebooks to the region.