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Student's weekend at Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 15.10.2016

During the weekend of 15th-16th October we are going to have fun the student way. Come and visit the most student-friendly shopping mall in Kraków. It is a place where you can not only do your shopping, but spend your free time or find a job, too. This weekend you can find there many attractions waiting just for you.

We are aware that money is always important for every student. We do not want you to live on a tight budget. Which is the reason why we have prepared discounts and special offers targeted at all students.

But that is not all. If you wish to earn something extra to make ends meet or want to find a permanent position and start a career in marketing, visit us on these days and leave your CV at the centres specifically designated for that purpose. You can find a job in one weekend! The offers of jobs for students are waiting for you!

FREE WORKSHOPS with professional coaches , bloggers and entrepreneurs!
Is writing a CV is a closed book to you, does a public performances make your skin crawl? During the weekend of 15th-16th October there are going to be free workshops that will help you find your way on the labour market, improve your interpersonal skills and hone your logical thinking abilities.

Sign up for the classes of your choice via the event website on Facebook. Do not hesitate! The number of participants is limited. The schedule and links to the registration.

Saturday - 15.10.2016
3.00 pm Job interview, how to go through it successfully, Agnieszka Buksa – the writer of Babki w Biznesie blog. 
5.00 pm Professional Flow - workshops on planning your career path, Karolina Nikorowska – Coachning Space Pr

Sunday - 16.10.2016
2.30 pm Personal branding - three pillars of a personal brand, Aneta Wątor
5.00 pm Interpersonal skills and logical thinking or what you can learn from board games, Wojciech Rzadek– ADMONDO

Student's weekend at Galeria Bronowice