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The 5th edition of Vinyl Swap

Date of event: 02.10.2016

Vinyl Records are still all the rage. Gramophone records have made a come back in movie and television industry and there are more and more enthusiasts of magic black discs around. Already on 2nd October you will have a tremendous opportunity to expand your record collection - the 5th edition of Vinyl Swap starts at high noon at Galeria Bronowice - it is a fair where you can buy and swap vinyl records, CDs, cassette tapes, record players and other music playing devices, as well as vintage equipment. Free exhibition stands, prepared specially for this occasion, will be available from 12:00 am - 6:00 pm.

The 5th edition of Vinyl Swap at Galeria Bronowice also means live music. On 2nd October you can see the performance of Wide World of Music Duo band, with Andrzej Trefon - guitar and Jan Cichy – bass. They are outstanding musicians, cooperating with many Polish and foreign artists and bands.

There is no admission fee for the visitors - the space offered for the exhibitors is also free of charge. The stands are to be located on the ground floor of the mall, next to Strefa Relaksu area.

The 5th edition of Vinyl Swap