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Calendar of events

Mini Board Games Tournament

Date of event: 07.05.2016

Come and join us for a series of weekends with board games tournaments at Galeria Bronowice.

Every second week, between 9th April and 19th June, we are going to host a presentation of board games as well as a series of tournaments, during which children, young adults and experienced players will be able to play board games recommended by Galeria Bronowice and Joker store. Mini tournaments are going to take place at Joker store and on the overpass between the store and InterSport salon.

Every weekend we are going to host 6 tournaments in various board games: party games, games of skill, as well as adventure, family, logic, strategic, economic games... There will be something for younger and older audiences, for more and less experienced players. Everyone will find something to their liking! Attractive prizes will be awarded to the winners!

Do not worry if you are not familiar with the games we recommend. We are going to revise the game rules an hour before the beginning of each tournament.

Please come and join us in the world of board games.

Mini Board Games Tournament