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2nd Auction of Contemporary Art in Kraków

Date of event: 16.04.2016

2nd Auction of Contemporary Art organized by DNA Auction House is going to take place on Saturday, 16th April 2016, at 7.00 pm in Galeria Bronowice in Kraków. As many as 60 selected works by the artists of younger generation will be available for sale.

The auction in Kraków features the works of artists such as: Andrzej Fronczak, Katarzyna Śmigielska, Łukasz Jankiewicz, Dariusz Grajek, and many others who have already won recognition in Polish art circles.

There is no admission fee, so everyone can participate in the event. The bidding starts at PLN 500. There are a few ways through which you can take part in the auction: you can do it in person, or remotely (on the phone, or by a proxy - authorising an employee of the auction house to bid on your behalf) or online, by means of website.

The auction in Kraków is a unique opportunity that allows you to experience contemporary art created by young Polish artists. Their paintings and sculptures can become interesting and eye-catching decorations of your house, or can be given as beautiful gifts.

An exhibition preceding the auction, at which you will be able to view the paintings and sculptures live, is going to take place at Galeria Bronowice from 11th - -16th April 2016. What is more, the pictures of all 60 works of art can be viewed on the website of DNA Auction House at

2nd Auction of Contemporary Art in Kraków