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New Autumn/Winter collection at WÓLCZANKA!

Wólnczanka and Lamber collections were designed for the women and men who value impeccable, professional, elegant look, which follows the latest trends.

In the autumn-winter season 2018/2019, the men’s collection is dominated by the shades of blue and navy, but it there is also purple, pink, or the shades of claret - very characteristic of this season. Wólnczanka and Lamber also feature a multitude of micopatterns, pinstripes and checked patterns, as well as many contrasting, original colour combinations and intriguing prints, characteristic of the less formal lines.

Whereas in the women’s collection for this season, apart from a wide range of high quality formal shirts, in line with business dress code, you can also find very richly patterned and colourful lines of shirts with floral and plant motifs, alluding to the autumn-winter colour scheme, which will be perfect for all less formal occasions.