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Home Doctor's office

Location: Ground floor

Category: Services

A doctor's office has never been such a friendly place. No queues, unnecessary legalities and waiting for registration - just call and make an appointment. The doctor will see you in just a few minutes - all in your favorite shopping center!

In order to improve the patient – doctor contact, the doctor's office Dr Max at Galeria Bronowice changes the operator. From now on, the facility will be operated by HomeDoctor, a nationwide provider of quick and convenient medical consultations. It also means a new way of making an appointment.

The office offers the possibility of using the services of a primary care doctor as well as specialists - including an angiologist and nephrologist. You can also use the Doppler ultrasound examination. To make an appointment simply call the HomeDoctor 24/7 helpline and select your preferred time of a visit, and then go to the office. There is no need to complete any additional forms.

The office is open during the shopping centre opening hours (from Monday to Saturday 8 am – 9 pm and on commercial Sundays). Thanks to this, you can use the spacious parking lot, and after visiting the doctor, you can fill the prescription at the pharmacy next to the office.

You can book an appointment at the 24-hour HomeDoctor helpline: 22 688 79 25.