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GORLICKA-KRUK Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Galeria Bronowice

Date of event: 10.06.2023 - 10.06.2023

10 JUNE GORLICKA-KRUK Clinic of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine will visit Galeria Bronowice. The clinic adjacent to Galeria Bronowice has prepared a number of attractions.

We invite everyone who wants to take care of their appearance using the knowledge of professionals. Experienced experts - specialists in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology will be at your disposal.

As part of the event, customers will be able to:
- take advantage of free consultations with cosmetologists,
- learn the secrets and possibilities of treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine,
- get acquainted with the latest silhouette slimming technologies,
- talk about a healthy lifestyle and its impact on our appearance and well-being,
- receive discount coupons for all treatments offered by the Cosmetology Clinic and Aesthetic Medicine Gorlicka-Kruk,
- take advantage of the extremely attractive prices of endermology packages,
- take part in the competition and win valuable prizes,
- drink delicious coffee in good company]
Specialists of the Gorlicka-Kruk Clinic will be waiting on the ground floor of Galeria Bronowice next to the Douglas store.

You can't miss it!